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When anyone asked her, Alice would think up an excuse and just say though a friend or something.

It just sounds like youre really desperate for a boyfriend if you do online dating.

Fortunately, Oscar was able to extricate himself before ending up as some sort of Tantric sacrifice, and he did not allow this one untoward experience to stop him getting back on the Manhunt horse.

However, he had another similar incident only this year.

The time had come for him to start being proactive, and he got into online dating after lamenting his lack of a love life to an older gay friend who recommended he try it.

Using sites like NZDating, Manhunt and Bro2Bro, Oscar has since met with approximately 20 men he has found online not always for sex, but most of the time.

It was in the North East Valley, Oscar sighs, resignedly.

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(Surely I am not the only one to be put off by a veiled reference to Alf Stewarts depraved extra-curricular activities?This stigma led to some intra-flat tension for Alice, as one of her flatmates never warmed to Charlie the only reason she didnt like him was because he was from online dating and she didnt trust him.Indeed, though she was perfectly positive when describing her now ex-boyfriend, Alice herself was never fully able to shake the suspicion that there was something shady about him. It was back in third year that the now 23-year-old Oscar felt he was getting a bit long in the tooth when it came to romance.Unable to handle the pressure, Alices flatmate abandoned ship almost immediately.

But they say that good things come to those who wait, and Alice was pleasantly surprised when Charlie*, an apparently normal law and politics student, messaged her wanting to get to know her.

Not that theyre all bad, but we were looking for something a bit more serious.