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18-Apr-2020 17:36

Some of the properties you can modify include:• Dynamic Updates: The ability for clients to automatically update DNS records.• Zone Type: You can change a zone type from Primary, to Secondary, or to Stub Zone.

If Active Directory is installed, you can also make the zone Active Directory–integrated.• WINS integration: This is where you can involve WINS resolution with DNS resolution.• Name Servers: You can add the names and IP addresses of servers that have the rights to create copies of the DNS zone.• Zone Transfer: Here, you can specify whether the zone can be transferred to another DNS server.

On the Reverse Lookup Zone Name page, make sure IPv6 is selected, and then click Next.15.

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For example, the reverse lookup domain for the network would be 100.168.192.For example, I can look up the IP and see that it resolves to the hostname “nodaway”.Without a reverse lookup zone and PTR record, I would not be able to do this. Unless you host your own email server or have an application that requires it may not be required.These steps are very similar across other all server versions server versions (2008, 2012).

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On Windows Server 2016 just type DNS in the search Box to quickly find the DNS console.We’re also going to need it if we want to enable IPv6 DHCP addressing. If you are not familiar with IP addressing, you can use 2001:0dbcd:1a0f:857b:455b:b4ec:7403.7. Your preferred DNS server would be the same as that mentioned earlier (your IPv6 address).9.

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