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15-Sep-2020 08:20

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If a guy's a virgin he obviously isn't normal, but if a girl is then thats fine. Please CMVedit: thank you all for providing intelligent discussion and expanding my view.I would still say that the average single guy (18-30, decently fit, etc) has a harder time finding a date than the average single woman with the same conditions.Again, this may be true but I am not sure that having more control is any easier.A pilot has more control over the plane than the passengers.You say women have it much easier when it comes to dating, but it depends on the context.Sure us women don't often have to do the approaching and we don’t usually have to work up the courage to talk to the cute guy on the other side of the bar; but women do have to sort through the guys approaching her and try to work out if they are trying to seduce her into bed or are actually genuinely interested in her.That said, it does seem like you're focusing more on the process than on the endgame...

There is pretty much no argument that it is easier for a girl to get laid under all new viewpoints: 1.) girls have more risk involved in dating, or at least more perceived risk.

We agree that this is mostly because men are not taught that their sexuality is wrong nearly as much as women, therefore they're less perverse to flirting.

However we also agree that it doesn't make a woman getting sexual gratification any easier.

TL; DR Women have to work out a males intentions and sort out serious from casual.yes, and i should have clarified the view: Women may take more risk when dating, but also because of that are more timid in accepting a date.

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Thus, a guy has a harder time convincing a girl to date him, potentially.while all valid points, i just need to say these things: 1.) when hitting on a girl how do i make it clear im not just looking to sleep with her? As a male, i think most people think im just using that as an excuse.3.) is there not also equal potential to be incorrectly blamed for a rape?This means that Suitors will end up in a match with their best or most-preferred pairing option, while Soughts will end up in a match with their worst or least-preferred pairing option.