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10-Oct-2020 15:53

Either a new facility or a significant upgrade to the current lavatories is essential and long past time coming.

The bad news for Bloxwich residents, shoppers, the travelling public and bus drivers who depend on the present toilets is that proposals outlined in the consultation this week include the replacement of the present 'Bloxwich Bogs' with a much smaller facility, offering at best only one WC each for disabled, ladies and gentlemen, and no urinal at all.

However, can now reveal, having looked at the plans which have been on display in the library foyer throughout the week, that current proposals not only include new street furniture as outlined above as well as four different suggested designs for changes to paving and road layout and parking at the rear of the toilets and in front of the Bulls Head pub, but also options for the complete demolition of the present public toilets and replacement with a new facility.

Undeniably, the present toilets are in a poor state internally, due to vandalism and long-term neglect.

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Did you know you can read the most recent issue of your local weekly Chronicle newspaper online?Proposals for the toilets and the area at the north end of of the High Street are currently under development, and this week planning chiefs held a public consultation to gather feedback on the designs, with Council staff on hand in Bloxwich Library last Tuesday and today (Saturday) to talk to visitors about current proposals.