Validating xml writer

26-Mar-2020 12:05

Libzeep was developed to make it easy to create SOAP servers.And since working with SOAP means working with XML and no decent C XML library existed on my radar I've created a full XML library as well.This tree shows all the elements defined in the DTD/XML Schema, their relationships and attributes.

The steps to create a server are: Create a new server object that derives from .When you run this sample server, it listens to port 10333 on your localhost.You can access the wsdl by pointing your browser at: and to access e.g.Unfortunately (well, considering the work I did), REST proved to be more popular than SOAP, and so I added a better JSON implementation to version 4 of libzeep as well as a way to create REST servers more easily.

Oh, and you can use libzeep to build complete web applications as well, using a tag processor that turns XHTML templates into HTML on the fly.

Please note that libzeep aims to provide a fully compliant XML processor as specified by the W3 organisation (see: ).

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