Validating destructive test methods

15-May-2020 16:33

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Foundries, fabricators, manufacturers, metal stockholders, importers and welding inspectors need the reassurance that a metal or alloy will be suitable for a product’s intended use or meets industry specifications.At Intertek, we provide impact, tensile and hardness testing at our laboratories using advanced testing equipment.One area for risk assessment and safety is the detection, prevention and control of contamination from microorganisms or mycoplasmas.Many modern biopharmaceutical products are based on large molecules, cells or tissues that have a complex structure.The growing interest for RMMs leads to an increase of different systems available from different suppliers, offering choice to identify the most suitable system for the intended application.” Development targets for such new technologies are increased accuracy, reproducibility, sensitivity, with (possibly) automated, miniaturised and high-throughput processing. Installation Qualification (IQ) – in this case means establishing by objective evidence that all key aspects of the process equipment and ancillary system installation adhere to the approved specification.Automation, in particular (e.g., with a LIMS system), allows for optimised data handling as well as easier analysis and the ability to follow trending of microbiological data. “Alternative Methods for Control of Microbial Quality” or USP chapter “Validation of Alternative Microbiological Methods” as well as state-of-the-art guidelines such as the PDA Technical Report 33 “Evaluation, Validation and Implementation of New Microbiological Testing Methods”. It also means that the recommendations of the supplier of the equipment are suitably considered.These are in place to ensure that our clients are helped to improve manufacturing processes and qualify materials.Monitoring Advanced medical therapies require equally advanced microbial methods for QA and QC.

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There are several different hardness tests and we use the Brinell, Vickers and Rockwell methods.

As a result, various systems with different methodologies have been launched: PCR based, MALDI-To F Mass Spectrometry, flow cytometry, etc. (2011) outlined in an Overview of rapid microbiological methods (RMMs) evaluated, validated and implemented for microbiological quality control: “RMMs hold a lot of potential to accelerate and even improve microbiological quality control.

Besides allowing drug products to reach the market and therefore the patient earlier, RMMs also allow quick and effective investigative and corrective actions in case of a microbiological quality issue. revision shows that it includes the following content: After the evaluation of the user requirement specification (URS) and the Design Qualification, the validation for the intended use of new methods goes on with the classical steps of qualification of the equipment/instrumentation and the associated software/computer system (IQ/OQ).

By using Intertek for mechanical testing, you have the Total Quality Assurance that our service will meet your turnaround times and our test results will provide you with the necessary information to help you ensure the safe and reliable operation of your products or equipment and that your material selection conforms to national or international standards.

Non-destructive testing (NDT) of composites for flaws and failure potential in critical applications supporting an array of complex composite materials.

For composite panels up to 13mm thickness we provide A-scan, B-scan, C-scan and Time of Flight Diffraction scans.

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