Updating furnace filter

19-Jan-2020 20:38

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We couldn't find the dimension and brand of the filter from the manual. Where does your filter go in your furnace Top, Bottom, on the side where? That model of Trane was not built by Trane and had some issues with the heat exchanger cracking, Please have a professional come out and verify your furnace is in safe working order.(Trane use to give you a new furnace to replace it.Learn more: Fall Furnace Maintenance: How to Change Your Furnace’s Air Filter Over time, the vibration that results from the furnace running can cause internal wires to become loose.Eventually, a wire gets so loose that it causes a short, leaving you with an electric furnace that’s not heating.It may take some time to find the problematic wire, but fixing or replacing the loose wire will take care of this problem.To prevent this problem in the future, make sure you have your system regularly inspected and tuned up, to keep those wires tightened and prevent shorts.If the capacitor that starts the system is failing, you could get intermittent electrical problems.

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Does the fuse blow when the system starts up or when it’s been running a while?They don't anymore you got the expected life out of it) Yea, XE70s love to split open their heat exchanger.