Updating bios frozen

12-Aug-2020 03:23

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Luckily, I haven’t had to deal with a BIOS upgrade for a long, long time (until yesterday, when a new version for my motherboard became available).As a seasoned BIOS-upgrader on Dell and HP platforms, I knew what to do.You can request an evaluation version on the SUM product page.With the license, and even without actually using SUM, you now have the easiest way to update your BIOS.For every BIOS update that you are considering, you should first check the list of changes and bugfixes on com.If some of those changes solve issues that you have been having (e.g., you've been having problems with loud fans, and the new BIOS corrects the temperature thresholds where the fans kick in), then you should update.If none of the changes are relevant (e.g., microcode for a new CPU has been added to the BIOS, but you're using the older CPU), then you should not update.

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Even for older models it might have been removed from the website.Get your hands on one of those ‘activation licenses’ for Supermicro IPMI via the SUM product page, and save yourself time and frustration whenever you’re upgrading a Supermicro BIOS. Users of newer ASUS laptops (N71JQ, for instance) report that, at least when using the Easy Flash method, placing the BIOS file on an NTFS harddrive partition and then updating from there results in a failed flash and a "bricked" computer.With Supermicro, there’s a couple of options: There’s loads of little things to take into account, and a lot of frustration ahead. I just wasn’t able to boot into DOS or the EFI shell to update my BIOS. I knew there was a reference to BIOS updates in the IPMI interface, but that requires an activation key.

Don’t you hate to go through another and another boot cycle because you were too late for the ‘press F11 for boot menu’ option? Somehow, I ended up on Supermicro’s site, trying to find a solution. But that did persuade me to search for ways to activate this option, and I found a separate solution from Supermicro that does, and it supplies the aforementioned activation key, too.to a FAT16-formatted USB key (this is how they are almost always formatted, so if you have one chances are it's directly usable). Navigate to and download a recent , and there are many more things that could go wrong in Windows (for instance, Windows can crash for completely different reasons, leaving you with a half-finished update and a paperweight in the shape of a laptop).