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22-May-2020 09:29

Before you start testing: You need to fully understand why the research is being conducted.Like all UX research techniques this comes back to defining the objectives of the study.Design is in demand, and the tech sector is at the forefront of business innovation.It is also a time where we have access to a huge number of tools and techniques that enable us to innovate and adapt our practice for a broad range of scenarios. Perfect for evaluating the designs we create, flexible for collecting a range of information about customers and easy to combine with other techniques.

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There are a number of different tools out there and more coming onto the market all the time.

Usability testing is a technique where representative participants undertake tasks on an interface or product.

The tasks typically reflect the most common and important activities and participant’s behavior is observed to identify any issues that inhibit task completion.

Video based studies can be frustrating when there is a core questions that you would love to ask but hadn’t planned for.

For early stage low fidelity prototypes in-person usability testing tends to be preferable because the facilitator can provide more context for participants regarding the intended functionality of the interface.An example task: Imagine you have decided to stay in Cairns for the first week in September. What are you actually testing and how will the URUT tool and participants access the interface?