Tobacco dating codes

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We buy all types of tobacco tins and tobacciana and not only do we pay more money than other dealers, in most situations we can pay you before you have to ship anything to us.

The types of tins listed show what types of things make for a valuable tin and what things don’t.

The batch code and expiration date on our products is called a Julian Code.

For example, on gefilte fish, the first three numbers (in the first row of numbers and letters) tell the day of the year and go from 001 to 365 and the fourth number tells the year.

Tobacco companies are now required by FDA to disclose all ingredients in tobacco and chocolate was one of them as well as cocoa.

Newports and Camels now are all A8 or B8 at my store. The only difference is they don't skip I anymore and there's no M.

Mid Level Tobacco Tins usually sell for -80 and include tins that are somewhat scarce, have moderate demand, or for whatever reason collectors are willing to pay elevated prices for.

This combination of rarity and demand drives prices up into the hundreds and sometimes even the thousands of dollars.

To bring top prices tins need to be in good condition without areas of the lithography scraped off, without fading, rust, dents or other defects and preferable with a nice shine to the finish of the tin.

Original Answer: "RJ Reynolds has an expiration date based on the Julian calendar where every day has a number from 1 to 365 respectfully January 1st being 1 and December 31st being 365. i believe American Spirit is not tested on animals. Update: American Spirits did not previously test on animals.

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However, they were bought by RJ Reynolds several years ago and now do. no The first person answered no, but cigarettes do have chocolate in them.For an example, see the Related Question for Newports.