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24-Dec-2019 15:39

After presenting this high-level view, I will narrow the focus to the specific equations and their use in this version of the filter.

The Kalman filter estimates a process by using a form of feedback control: the filter estimates the process state at some time and then obtains feedback in the form of (noisy) measurements.

Some justification for (1.7) is given in "The Probabilistic Origins of the Filter" found below.

They are assumed to be independent (of each other), white, and with normal probability distributions The matrix A in the difference equation (1.1) relates the state at time step k to the state at step k 1, in the absence of either a driving function or process noise.As such, the equations for the Kalman filter fall into two groups: time update equations and measurement update equations.The time update equations are responsible for projecting forward (in time) the current state and error covariance estimates to obtain the a priori estimates for the next time step.Notice that the equation given here as (1.11) is the same as (1.8).

The next step is to actually measure the process to obtain , and then to generate an a posteriori state estimate by incorporating the measurement as in (1.12).

Since that time, due in large part to advances in digital computing, the Kalman filter has been the subject of extensive research and application, particularly in the area of autonomous or assisted navigation.

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