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27-Oct-2020 14:01

Just in case this is not entirely clear, lets go over it again.. Whether it be by user stupidity or an attack from a malicious user, every piece of information you get from userland should be treated as suspect.

Only by vigilantly adhering to this policy will your scripts and information be secure.

This field is a required field in our form, so we check it with empty function to be sure that it has a value, i.e. If user Name is empty the script echoes and error message and exit()'s the script. We do the same, exept we do not need to use the empty function to check for non-required fields. Ok, now we come to something a little different, the next variable we must deal with is the user Zip. Whilst we still need to do our basic sanity check, we also need to check that the number is not greater than 5 digits and be sure a mailicious user does not try to put in something like minus ten or something silly. In our sanity Check function we set the type to numeric which will check that the value is a number using is_numeric.

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When the form page is first accessed, these variables are not set, so the default message Please fill in the form above is displayed.

Hey My site has recently been hacked however it was no where near completion I had only tested it.

There is not as much security on forms that there could be simply because I'm less experianced to just add it in as I go along. So far from what I have found a form script will double in size just to add this security so I'm a bit cautious as to what I really need to do. solid however I cant find anything else about it online so do I really need to use this measure?

We have 5 input fields named: With this in mind, we can now begin to check them individually for content. As PHP is loosely typed, all your information from the form will be a string. We know from our maxlengths the maximum length our string should be.

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Why should I check for length if we have set the maxlength in our form already? The purpose of validating the user input is that a malicious user may use a form on their own machine to submit to your machine.

The correct tool for this is mysql_real_escape_string.

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