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Arashi leader, Satoshi Ohno, plays our main protagonist, the boisterous Kaibutsu kun, prince of Monster Land who is set on a journey to the land of humans together with his monster entourage to prove that he can become a king.

But while he is supposed to land in Japan, he ends up in India, where he is mistaken for a hero who must rescue a beautiful woman who has been kidnapped.

The long-awaited live-action adaptation of Fujiko A.

Fujio’s manga and anime series Kaibutsu kun (Little Monster), the movie takes viewers on a wild roller coaster of action, adventures, multicolors, superpowers and tons of spectacular 3D visuals.

Kaibutsu-kun: The Movie became a huge success upon its release in Japan in 2011, earning 3.14 billion yen in box office revenue.

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Over the span of their career, Arashi’s members have also appeared in a number of TV dramas, movies, commercials, have hosted their own variety shows on TV, done radio shows, news programs and acted as the main hosts for some of Japan’s most watched live events.

A reporter for the magazine recognized the man as Sho Sakurai.

The reporter is said to have been skeptical of what he saw at first; however, after further observations over the next 11 days, Sakurai's identity was confirmed, and his relationship with Ogawa became clear.

About seven years after his debut as a singer with Arashi in 1999, he became a newscaster in 2006, appearing in the news program News Zero every Monday.

In 2008, he was appointed the official newscaster for the news coverage of the Olympic Games in Beijing on NTV.He even acted in a NHK late-night drama series called Tokio, in which each episode lasted for fifteen minutes each.