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26-Feb-2020 23:27

In order to use your task manager effectively, there are a couple things we should define: It’s important to have a firm understanding of these core concepts before you start capturing everything you need to do into your task manager.The ability to distinguish when something is actually a project and then break it down into actionable steps is a very important skill, and one that you will use when capturing information.I use this time to check my email and clean up any maintenance tasks I have lying around.For example, I might use this time to empty my Omni Focus inbox or clean up my Desktop on my computer if it’s messy.A task manager and a calendar serve very specific (and very different) functions: show up on your calendar, not all of them will. While it is true that everything you need to get done must be done within the context of time, that doesn’t mean you should load up your calendar with tasks every day.

These systems are both independent and interdependent, so it’s important that you know how they are connected.We cover this topic extensively inside our private training library the Dojo.There are a three different types of events that should go on your calendar: The practice of time-blocking (creating blocks of time to a accomplish your important tasks) can be a very effective way to consistently take action on the important tasks that tend to fall through the cracks when you get busy.That doesn’t mean that I’m working from sun up to sun down, but it means I’ve divided my day in such a way that I’ve created the space to get the things done that are really important.

What makes time-blocking so effective is that while your calendar may free time.

This could be something as simple as a list written on a napkin, but if use a technology-based tool like Omni Focus you can actually leverage your task manager to display only the tasks that you are able to work on at any given moment.

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