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10-Jul-2020 14:56

We have members all over the world who enjoy being naked, skinny dipping and meeting others who follow the nudist lifestyle.

Nudism is a fun, healthy, freeing and wholesome way for men and women to socialize and live without clothes.

Elsewhere Link Visual Identity, Front-end Development, Website As browsers get faster and more sophisticated, the opportunities for web-based, interactive typography grows.

Elsewhere was created as a digital sketchbook to explore these ideas.

As a part of the magazine redesign by Number 04, I was asked to update the wordmark, which is now used across all of their print and digital properties.

In addition to the main wordmark, I extended the custom logotype to their online store, HBX.

As the first truck to serve made-to-order ice cream rolls, I wanted to create a bold and youthful brand identity with an emoji-like illustration style.

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In addition to the mobile app, I worked on the design and art direction of the website that extends the metaphor of being able to fit a lesson in anywhere.The primary use case was for casual get-togethers with friends, and the design and art direction focused on simplicity and slight irreverence.