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26-Sep-2019 13:52

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This is a 'mind-reader' mentality, and it will only bring anxiety and stress when you find out that they may want something completely different.

Staying on the same page and checking in once in a while will make you certain about expectations, desires, and dreams in your relationship."For casual relationships, to long-term partnerships, and everything in between, it's vital to check in every once and a while.

This question may seem scary to ask, because it's opening the door to criticism.

But how else will you gauge your relationship's future, if you're not really examining it?

Some couples end up fighting based on how each partner divvies up their social life.

This can be prevented if you're open and honest, from the get go, about how to balance your relationship with the rest of your life (whether it's work, school, friendships, or family, that are also important to you)."List some aspect [each, like] 'we share chores equally,' 'have one date night a week,' 'start to work out together,' and [more].

This will give you a blueprint of what each one of you wants from a relationship," the Mitchems say.

Once you have each shared your priorities, you can see if you are aligned.

"Many couples in long-term relationships never talk about their sexual agreement until they hit troubled waters," Kristin Marie Bennion, licensed mental health therapist and certified sex therapist, tells Bustle.

"This question will shed more light on something in your relationship that may no longer be working and needs to be changed or a new skill that needs to be learned," the Mitchems say.

If they tell you, for example, that your communication skills are lacking, then you've already opened the door to solving it.

Luckily, couples counselors and relationship experts know where to begin.

Even after those 36 questions to fall in love went viral, relationships have continued to grow, and change, and sometimes burn out.

"It can be so helpful to talk about how often each partner would like to have sexual contact, what their understanding of fidelity is, and other ways of staying intimately connected when having a sexual experience just isn't in the cards.” So before you start to feel this issue coming up, bring it up. This kind of open-ended question is a gold mine when it comes to communicating better in your relationship.