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02-Feb-2020 03:41

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Right now, I am ashamed, humiliated, angry, desperate for relief and sad that I have wasted my whole life by not recognizing that I fit the description of a reverse narcissist.I have wasted my life on bad relationships, affairs, accepting emotionally unavailable men into my world and breaking up with the good ones because I need validation from other people (mostly men) to make me feel worthwhile/beautiful/wanted/excited/alive. He was a reflection of the self-destructiveness and negative feelings I have towards myself. I never had kids or married again but had several long term relationships and in every single one of them I cheated when someone I thought of as superior to me wanted into my pants/made me feel sexy and beautiful/told me what a great person I was.

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With dads who are emotionally unavailable, the daughter convinces herself that if she does/is good enough, she’ll get Dad to stay/validate/love her/notice her, etc.

This never happens because empathy, emotional availability, compassion, loyalty, and responsibility are things that can never be bribed, bought or instilled in anyone.

As little girls, we want to impress our fathers and we want them to think we are as amazing as we think they are.

I made everyone’s bad and hurtful behavior about me not being good enough.

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And I failed to let people own their own behavior and decisions because I couldn’t own my own.As I got older, this led to me going after guys who were not only emotionally and physically fleeting but were also emotionally disconnected, empathetically bankrupt, and narcissistic.

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