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06-Aug-2020 03:40

"Matrimonial websites are intermediary under section 2 of Information Technology Act and they are mandated to follow IT Act," a source said.As per the advisory, matrimonial websites will need to confirm the "user's intent to enter in to matrimonial alliance" and "confirm that the user information is correct to the best his or her knowledge" when they register to join the platform.I ended the date soon after, thanking him for wasting my time when he told me that he agrees with Sharia punishments “in certain circumstances”.I have decided as a rule not to date Muslims anymore.Matrimonial websites under new rules will be required to name grievances redressal officer on their portals.Besides, the new rule mandates "matrimonial websites should store IP address of profile creator for one year from the date of activation," it said.All of Pakistan’s minorities - Hindus, Christians, Ahmadis and even Shi’ite Muslims - say they feel the state fails to protect them and sometimes even tolerates violence against them.Many complain the problem has become worse since Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif won an election in 2013. Commission on Religious Freedom said in a recent report that conditions in Pakistan had “hit an all-time low” and governments had failed to adequately protect minorities and arrest those who attack or discriminate against them.

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“Now after the passage of this bill in the Sindh assembly, after 70 years, Hindus will also have a marriage certificate just like Muslims do,” said Shahnaz Sheedi, the coordinator for South Asia Partnership Pakistan, a civil rights movement.

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In 1947 the First Presidency, sent a response letter to a member inquiring on the subject stating, "Social intercourse between the Whites and the Negroes should certainly not be encouraged because of leading to intermarriage, which the Lord has forbidden. [T]rying to break down social barriers between the Whites and the Blacks is [a move] that should not be encouraged because inevitably it means the mixing of the races if carried to its logical conclusion." The latter half of the 20th century saw many changes in U. legal, and social views of interracial marriage, and many changes in top church leaders' teachings on the topic.… continue reading »

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