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10-Jun-2020 11:13

The correct use of a semicolon is like a victory ticket. Again, it’s not that girls are looking for some insane costume-dress-up-scavenger-hunt-on-a-motorcycle-diamond-stealing extravaganza (although that sounds kinda hot). It’s not that the dates need to be long and involved; a quick classic date is a winner. And yet there are so many guys that come back with a lime instead." Not making eye contact means you are elsewhere—and elsewhere is unattractive.

And it’s about fun—a guy who authentically creates a sense of playfulness and makes it infectious is a skillful dater.

There’s a kind of fun, an openness, at the heart of How About We.

What’s the biggest mistake men make when proposing dates or while on dates?

We’re both single and found the existing dating sites just so uninspiring; we didn’t think online dating inevitably had to be unsexy or loser-ish, and wanted to create an online dating site that we’d both happily use. We raised a seed round from friends and family—enough to create the website and run the business for about a year.

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An outer-borough trip to a touted eatery can be good, like Sripraphai in Queens or the Indian spots in Jackson Heights. Are you getting sick of friends asking you, "How about we [fill in the blank]"? Our friends have been amazing throughout this whole process, offering to help in countless ways—sharing the site with their friends and offering lots of moral support. It’s not uncommon to get a few text messages in a day from friends who have come up with new over-the-top How About We date ideas.

B/O/Y/C: idk maybe because i didn't fucking do it. B/O/Y/C: we're never gonna figure this out if you keep shutting me out of your life. Me: well they must've fucked up pretty damn bad huh?