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She takes pride in trying to ruin other people’s lives. Lori sure can dish it out but when someone calls out her bullsh1t she is really great at playing victim. She thinks she is so perfect she will tell you she’s the nicest person in the world! She claims to have problems but in reality just sits around trying to figure out who she can ruin next, she has ended 30 yr marriage, Another one they have been together for years and one she was like family with its pathetic miserable life Lori everyone sees through you and is laughing at you! smh My BFF of 39 years steals my BF of 10 years…within 4 months of pursuing him, she is now living with him in the new house that he purchased but that we worked so hard together to get just right for him and I. but what I found out is that she was “never” pregnant and that she faked it up until 32 weeks and said that she had a stillborn. Now it’s all hers along with everything in it including my lover, my soulmate, Jeff….. She was over our old house all the time and unbeknownst to me, was listening to me talk as a BFF using the info to know how to please him, how not to displease him etc. My x husband became a horrible father to our child. DANGER BEWARE This woman has absolutely no regard for the sanctity of marriage or self respect. My husband is a truck driver and has problem in the head…. And he went there to visit family he met this girl thru them… he is so out of his mine he actually fell for the age old trick… All her female parts came out when she was younger… And when I agreed to it do to his mental condition, And had a set down with them both about my kids…. A few weeks later I broke it off with him cause he kept hurting and doing sh1t to my kids and I’m not having that… I believe it’s his brothers cause I dont think his wife is ready to rasie another thats not hers. It was very clear how easy it was for her to sleep with my husband. This lil girl was so close to his family he literally pulled this girl of his brothers (Tony Parris hubbard lake fire fighter) junk and stuck her on his junk the first night. An I told them both you mess with my kids or hurt them in any way I’m pulling her meal ticket …. I hope his friends and family and her friends and family see this post it on here This sloot started working with my husband when she and I were both pregnant. Goes against girl code she even fuked my man for pizza while pregnant with her first child. But watch out what comes with it some lovely little parasites!!!!!My husband and I tried for 2.5 years to have children and we finally had them and this b1tch came in to try and scoop him right up after she got back from maternity leave.

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