New dna dating site

05-Nov-2020 02:52

Once you’ve got your DNA sample, send it off using the pre-addressed envelope provided and, within 30 days, you’ll have your results.You don’t have to use the DNA sample kit to enjoy Pheramor, however, and the app is free so you can simply download and enjoy.Although these people may have found The One, they still want to know if they’re compatible on a genetic basis.The creators of Pheramor have embraced this curiosity and developed a new product under the name We Have Chemistry.

The best DNA testing companies give comprehensive results that can be used for a range of things, making them much more cost-effective than a DNA dating site that insists on you performing yet another DNA test but only gives you limited feedback.

If you opt for a service like Pheramor, the first step in the process is to download the app which you can then use to order your DNA sample collection kit.