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Moon Hooch - Tubes Directed by: Iemi Hernandez-Kim (Animation) Trippy music video.DAWN Directed by: Stephanie Zari (Drama) UK Dawn is a psychological drama exploring the bond of triplets, broken at birth, that sends surviving siblings Jude and Maddison on an intimate quest to fill their sense of loss, grief and loneliness.In doing so, he also revisits the bittersweet memories of a relationship he had with a girl his age.As the film progresses, the lines between memory and current reality begin to blur, leaving the boy--as well as the viewer--in a state of intense experiential uncertainty and sorrow.Monday April 22 8PM Fictional Me, Fictional You (Gay/Lesbian) Directed by: Hannah Leshaw A self-conscious man escapes from his loneliness into an elaborate romantic fantasy about his neighbor.Incoming Directed by: Mozhan Marno (Drama) A loner who has recently lost custody of her son meets an endearing stranger who likes to sunbathe in the parking lot beneath her balcony.

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So it Goes Directed by: Rebecca Yarsin (New York City Films) An established photographer, Mel, reluctantly starts a relationship with a younger model, Ben.Andy throws him out, only to have Hamp return a few minutes later with Chris in tow.When Andy demands to know what the hell Chris is doing back in their home, he is stunned to learn that Chris might be his son, a son he never even knew he had.El Firulete Directed by: Carlos Algara (Latino) In 1950's Argentina, on any given night, a simple man meets the woman of his dreams in a bar.

He will try the impossible to seduce her and, with a little bit of tango, he'll seek the words to express what nobody else confesses in their first encounter with love.It addresses the fact that we as humans encounter opportunities for love--or anything else--on practically a daily basis, and that it's up to us to act on these moments.

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