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04-Jun-2020 23:45

Here is a compilation of a few interesting and creative Linked In headlines from around the world.

Some are funny, some are memorable and some are very professional.

His first thoughts weren’t about her good looks (she didn’t even have a picture on her Linked In profile), but about her tennis game.

Katie had been looking for a life partner in a myriad of ways: She joined a church, played on recreational sports teams five days a week, showed up at networking events with a hopeful heart and more.It is your 120 character hook to people finding you in a Linked In search, it should be about what you do as opposed to what you are.It should be memorable and enticing enough for someone to click on your profile and not your competitors.Tony Giovannini is a secret agent at UTV, what he really does is obviously shrouded in mystery.

Antonio Rocha Ferreira is living it up in Lisbon town, to find out more we have to click on his profile (and how could we resist with such a great headline? Unleashing that human potential on Linked In, Steven Pallesen has gone for an almost philosophical headline.To choose your best pics, get objective feedback in a respectful, moderated environment. Groundbreaking AI by our Carnegie Mellon University Ph. mathematicians ensures accurate and trustworthy results. You decide exactly when your photos will be visible, to whom, and for how long.