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Jessica is in New York to visit her nephew, Grady, and to meet his fiancée, Donna Mayberry.

She's also there to see the restaurant she's invested in.

Do agree too that the title is terrible (one of the show's worst) and that a lot of the dialogue and episode is corny.

For all those faults, "Just Another Fish Story" has its merits.

As for Grady and Donna, it's obvious to Jessica that they need to open up to one one another if they're to be happy.

And just like with most of Grady's problems, despite Jessica's involvement and determination to help them, one just doesn't care about their problem and situation here.

The mystery itself also underwhelms, notable only really for its very unique (for ' Murder She Wrote') murder method.

Not easy to tell which is better or worse between the two, "Just Another Fish Story" at least feels like ' Murder She Wrote' (unlike "It Runs in the Family") but one of its biggest problems is that it has not one but two of my least favourite recurring characters featuring in it.

As much as it is annoying for me to mention once more my dislike for Grady, it is hard not to.

"Just Another Fish Story" introduces Donna, and she comes over as the female Grady with the blandness and annoying factor multiplied, we are reminded constantly in all her appearances that she is a lovely character but with such a-not-easy-to-get-behind character and Debbie Zipp's inability to act with any humour, charm or subtlety the viewer has a very hard time seeing it.