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Although the Jewish matchmaker’s role is still needed today, there are many criticism of the shadchan in today’s modern world.The first criticism is that whilst the shadchan appears to be the only viable solution within the orthodox world for couples to meet and hopefully marry while adhering to the halachic strictures of Tznius which limit male-female interaction, the Jewish matchmaker takes away romance.Because the shadchan would probe into every family to make sure there was no imperfection, the shadchan pushed families to aspire to greater heights in order that they did not miss out on the best match possible.The shadchan kept families vigilant and phobic about intermarriage, illegitimacy and scholarly achievements.We are living in a different world from medieval times with their splintered isolated communities and we are living in a different world to the shtetel with all its simplicity.Whereas shtetels revolved around Jewish law, today most Jews are assimilated in big westernized cities.

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Jewish law prohibits mingling between the sexes and the Jewish matchmaker’s role is crucial in their meeting and being supervised until the time of marriage.

Later on in the Torah we see Eliezer as the shadchan trying to find a match for his master Avraham’s son Yitzchak and of course he comes back with Rachel.

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