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For help on conducting an advanced search on any given topic on Proquest, check out the following tutorial.

Use keywords and utilize your library’s database as opposed to using a generic google search, the quality of the sources will be higher and they tend to be peer reviewed.

But the start of the research process is probably the most difficult phase.

Luckily, next semester I will feel more at ease and more prepared with my next research assessment, as I have learned over the course of this semester various skills and tactics in regards to how to approach this intimdating investigation process.

To learn how to create an annotated bibliography, this set of instructions and tutorial video by Writing Commons that will guide you in the right direction.

“It reared up on its hind legs and stared at me,” said Fortney in a phone interview in 1987.Equip is an ability which generates a weapon and equips the hero with it.Equip effects are the weapon equivalent of summon effects; while similar to playing a weapon card, the weapon generated is usually uncollectible, is not drawn from the player's deck, and does not incur its mana cost nor activate any Battlecry.There’s an inherent imagination that people have, especially when they go in the woods and start to hear things and their hair stands up on the back of their head. It might turn out to be a chickadee on a stick, but up until that moment, it was something huge.” The photo to the right is a scene from the filming – click to read more at the Brauer indie films blog and check out our interview with Brauer right here.

“Class, a final research paper will be due at the end of the semester and the topic of your research should be anything relevant to this course,” states the Professor.Once you have a compilation of different types of sources, (scholarly articles, websites, print books, ebooks etc.) create an annotated bibliography.

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