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16-Nov-2019 21:01

not finding the motivation to work out in previous months), and instead rely on a vision of what the future could be.

And this is often mirrored in our buying choices, as we purchase items and services that feed into this idealized future we picture.

It’s true we may have eaten our weight in cheese over the holidays, but buying a gym membership or that pricey exercise equipment conveys our intent to get back in shape (in our minds).

We don’t bother to measure this purchase against our past behaviors (i.e.

According to the renowned trade publication, here are some reasons why: Have you been to a child’s birthday party lately?

It’s hard to miss the table with the toppling pile of gifts.

Since the arrival of humans around 2000years ago, lemurs have become restricted to 10% of the island, and many face extinction.

According to Psychology Today, the spontaneous urge to spend our hard-earned money is ingrained in our DNA.

In the real world, this could take the form of a bulk buy at Costco or a “free” gift with a purchase from the makeup counter at your local department store. Thousands of years ago, survival depended upon hoarding daily essentials.

While this threat is not as significant today, that biological drive is still present in our unconscious mind.

We are genetically programmed to acquire new things, even if there’s no immediate need for them.

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Not only that — we actually get a true “high” when we shop, based on a growing body of research.

Merchants have strategically placed inexpensive goodies around checkout lanes since the 1950s.

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