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He:-Conne with me, dear, it'a on- ly a b'o k to the subway. In his business, the man accumu'^ites a great deal of stamps. One of the local dealers in cars agreed to aecept the stamps. Doctor :-Try letting him talk a little in the day time. DO YOU KNOW By Arlie Kinkade That today air mail is flown between the Missouri River and Sacramento, Calif, in 14 hours, and the postage is 5c per letter. That brightly colored clothes tend to make the individual look larger? That to make one automobile tire requires as much rubber as is collected from 2 trees over a period of 2 years? We are not in the contest, but can imagine the use of phrases simi- lar to the following: — "Block-headed, bone-headed, clabber brained, infernal idiot;' 'No pity under any conditions.' CHAPTER II That man was the present writer. And here is a challenge to the world for all time to come, to tattle about that, and do me any harm. Max kxikcd as if he had just returned from one of his periodic sprees. Later, I learned that he had received another dose of publicity from practically all of the news- papers. City JUNE, 1935 ASSEMBLED By Faith Vilas What becomes of the boys That deface With unclean word Each sequestered place, Who can not see blank wall cr walk Without desire to chalk Obscene curve and sym- bol? The facts are that teen-age girls mingle indiscriminately with sei-vice men, in competition vrith professional light ladies; that boys foi-m gangs to assault and rob the unwary and that both boys and girls are out searching for adventures that will challenge the legitimate daring of their older broth- ers and sisters at the front. Tripp ghe:-Oh, George, I can't kiss you because I totd mama that I wouldn't kiss any man on the face of the earth. A man in Racine, Wisr-O" sin bought a «3000 car the oth^^r day and paid for it with postage- stamps! common U S un- used stamp's, mo-itiy all of the two cent X-My wife's mother and three sisters are visiting us. That Morse, the inventor of the telegraph, had to pleafti with 10 congresses before he received any attention? If The Heaolight were a corporation as big as we might wish, with mil- lions of surplus cash, we would sug- gest offering prizes, as big as ever heard of, to bring out the best tal- ent. Along Fourth Street, going in the opposite direction, strolled Ma.x Bodenheim, widely known in these parts as a Bolshie and a writer of filthy books. Wliile I was having my sandwich and colfec, I noticed a write-up of Max in an evening paper belonging to a lady customer. Prom the press, pulpit and rostrum we have had a thorough airing of the condition in recent months. These poets all enjoy a high standing in hterary circles. Margaret George Carvell * * * * LINES TO AN OLD HULK She lay upon her old worm-eaten side; Her ribs threw phantom shadows on the sand. Amid the pomp of heraldry And veterans" hozannas: But jealous senators inflamed, Had made a declaration. On the inside and back are various scenic viev/s of Oakland and the surrounding area. Roll From the July 1 93 1 Hodge Podge There was a young lady from Cin., Who played all the ponies to win. The screaming colors of the dawn In shaded harmony combine In exultation of the morn To drag me from my bed's recline. Roll # 72 « *tei; ^8*5^ HODGE PODGE ^^^^^ Copyright 1933 by Marion Blodgeit DEVOTED TO THE RAVEN POETRY CIRCLE MARION BLODGETT, Editor Vol. Beltrone, Margaret George Carvell, Margeurite George, Anca Vrbovska, and Harendranath Maitra, Brahmin philosopher. Margaret George Carvell THE SEEDPOD Oh, I'm a poor one; That you'll be knowing. But I'll find a hollow Before the snowing; And after the winter Green shoots I'll be showing. Under the influence of their new belief these savages take on civ- ilization, become the ruling nations of the world, and, by the inspira- tion of the fact of tht' resurrection, assume the leadership of the race. And so he came, while victory Was perching on his banners. They have also generously agreed to pro- vide an attractive folder, on the front of which will be printed the invitations to the convention. Roll From the July 1 93 1 Hodge Podge ■ in January 1933 Blue Moon. And naught of satisfac umum »88I944 At every turn, ^ome frier state,. And so, when you would enter on Some field of high endeavor. The ditiactic style— posing as an instructor— may be justly criticized, but I can only work in mv own har- ness. And, how their hearts were set upon His death and degradation. Before, success, or else defe: Would greet decided actid^MI Behind, was cowardly ri . for inspiring New Year reso- lutions and improvement. The remarks do not ap- ply to general discussion of public problems, but to narrow, personal, domestic, and neighborhood gossip, disputes and quarrels. SUNSET IN THE TENEMENTS When dim Weehauken, on the Jersey shore. And all the blue-green western heavens are tipped And streaked with shimmering shafts of red and gold; The toiling tribes that pack the tenements. And, when he reached The Rubicon, He learned their detestation. Ur fight, and let his braves res|)Oud, While in his cause confiding? )SQ ytjgtzber 1 Ti HIS ISSUE MAV PROVE t" be part of a rontinued story which the writer has held in Told storage' for many years, but suitable, we hnpe. Unfortunately, lack of space prevents our printing any but the few selections given below. And as I passed, a thousand voices cried — Ten hundred voices of a cut'throat band. That Julius Caesar be proclaimed, A foe of all the nation. The Chamber of (Continued on Page 8.) ^f), 4327 THE HOME-TOWN NEWS ^1 AUGUST 1935 m ,pt^ k'^'ll ^% my^a SL^ THE HOME-TOWN NEWS FOR CHRISTMAS MCMXXXV X-PN 4827 #L The Headlight /' I'o/ inne ■laiiii(irn.__l!

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And from this golden chalice held Aloft in morning in the sky. 1933 THE RAVENS The Raven Poetry Circle was founded by Francis Lambert Mc Crudden, one of the best known poets living in Greenwich Village. With hues no mortal brush can ever match, Spallbound they watch the ethereal wonderland, its blending purples, golds, and hyacinths; Watch till the last faint glowing colors fade. Francis Lambert Mc Crudden * * * * SONG When the tall grasses Sway in the moonlight And the leaves whisper Among themselves. As ever shipped to sail the seven seas; They handed me a cutlass and I slew From old Cape Horn to the New Hebrides. It is an interpretation for violin and piano of "God is Real," a Rondeau by John B. L'|i On this belief in the resurrec- tion, a world-wide organization of devout belii'vers, called the Church, comes into e.xistence aiid develops such stren;4th that it is able to sur- vive the collaps S'l^tlie Rbman em- pire, and tower amidst the wreckage like a mountain on a plain. Herring TOO MANY of us, live most of our lives between Black Friday night and Easter Sunday morning. The Roman Senators had tried His glories to diminish, They'd called him back, but he re- plied By fighting to a finish. A very successful interview was held with the Oakland Chamber of Commerce.

Texas tions for everyone for 1934, look ^^.^^^ ^^^ ^^ j^^^^ ^ permanent With yndel HTanks to H. ^^^ ''°"''^' ^^'^^ "^^ *° l'' °"^ ^^TL T' 1 wish all my friend, and lh. to ^-^ "^"^ =\&''\&*'*' mgs of the season with the hope be,avery Happy Chrstra R«d or WO UUnnn that 1934 will bring the fullest •1 Prosperous N-w MUUU me.«,sure of developement and the coming year I hope to pledg,e The HELP-U MAN 'ucces to Mr. we may specialize more upon the interest and excitement of the local public, which has not been so wiilely noted. July 28th, word was 'phoned around town that the big stratosphere balloon could be seen in the north- west sky. ...............".." •"■•• """ "■'■■■""• R 2819*4 ■ m.....u„m«...... \ e ask readers to pardon our use of the personal pronoun ■•T'etc.