Half life validating game resources

13-Jan-2020 19:24

GAMEPLAY 10/10 - Know questions ask half life 2 has some of the best most crafted and unique gameplay up todate.

Overall I think it had a good story I just think it was missing some element that makes it half life.Freeman awakens on a train heading for a massive city known only as City 17. In the Half-Life 2 port for the original xbox there are no Shotgun Soldiers because the game was released in 2005, two years before the orange box.The alien Combine empire watches over its human minions from a massive fortress called the Citadel, within which the human governor is none other than Gordon Freeman's old administrator, Dr. Uniting with the resistance fighters which contain some of his old acquaintances from the Black Mesa research facility (such as Barney Calhoun from Half-Life: Blue Shift), Gordon leads the resistance to free mankind with the help of the creatures he liberated from Xen, and the Antlion controlled with pheromones. See more » I am a huge half life fan, The game was the beginning of first person shooters.Plus the water, I cant even begin to describe how beautiful the water looks, It reflects everything around you and does it so amazing its hard to put in words.

STORY 8/10 - I loved the story of the original half life and I loved the fact that no one really new the story even more.Most first person shooters its just run around blasting things with your gun.

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