Gretchen from real housewives dating

11-Feb-2020 03:04

After they broke up they remained in a business partnership of sorts with Slade managing her music career and the two of them appearing on a strange Bravo dating show called , and that she wanted things to work out for them up until he started seeing Gretchen.

Lauri Waring Peterson Lauri and Slade didn’t exactly date, but they had some hangout/hookup moments for a little while when he and Jo were on a break.

reunion, Tamra digs up some old skeletons’ of Gretchen’s.

Jo says “She was outgoing and she was beautiful, and she had this dynamic personality when she drank, and had a really hot body.” Slade and Gretchen have said that they’d known each other for years before decided to get together in 2009, and they’ve been inseparable since.Things didn’t stay happy for long for Slade and Jo, who was hoping to launch a singing career, and their relationship quickly fizzled.Their storyline on the show told the story that Slade wanted Jo to settle down and be a wife and mother, but that Jo had big dreams.Gretchen sued him for defamation and a host of other counts including assault, battery, breach of contract, etc.

The defamation part of the lawsuit was thrown out in 2010, but November 2012 Gretchen was awarded over 0,000 in damages for the other charges.

Jo De La Rosa It’s kind of a fluke that Slade and Jo even got to be on the show.