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He was also the only performer on the show that I ever saw go up on his lyrics (ironically, it was "Young at Heart" which begins, "Fairy tales can come true..." and then he froze and went, "buh-buh-buh-buh." He forgot more lyrics later in the song.

Kathie Lee outed him in her autobiography when she wrote about her first husband, who was gay and "lived with a gay performer on the Lawrence Welk Show."I don't know if there were any other gays on the show, but piano player Bob Ralston was married to the harshest looking Dutch lady you ever saw.

) So Very Gay that Lawrence Welk himself could not refrain from making a bitchy observation that Tom was "a big hit, and NOT JUST WIT' THE LADIES." I actually saw this on PBS and the BF and I laughed our asses off. Actually, she was the only woman who I ever saw at the baths. She always said that she thought Bette Midler was a vulgar slut who only would do anything for money.

Norma, unlike Bette, was a true friend of the gays.

“I don’t think there a show that she could be more excited that I’m a part of,” he said.

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A good-looking man with rich Charisma, Smith has a build that is easy to appreciate.

Tom Netherton was very handsome in a wholesome kind of way, but his singing defined bland.