Ford commercial speed dating jlo dating

22-Feb-2020 07:59

Ford wishes the same with a commercial that tickles the funny bone with a Speed Dating Prank.The elaborate prank involves a bunch of unwary guys on blind dates with a pretty blonde who also happens to be a professional stunt driver.She pretends she is going on first dates with unsuspecting men, gets them to go for a ride in her smoking hot 2015 Ford Mustang, drives to a closed course, and scares the life out of them. I can’t decide whether the best part is seeing the 2015 Mustang in action, or the hilariously awkward small talk. Though the Pepsi commercials starring Jeff Gordon were better.

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Maybe we'll find out in a behind-the-scenes clip someday.) The vibe is similar to Jeff Gordon's "Test Drive" pranks for Pepsi MAX.

And like those viral smashes, Ford's effort is tearing up the fast lane, with almost 10 million You Tube views since its launch a week before Valentine's Day.

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, love is in the air.

Or at least it should be, but for the gentlemen featured in Ford's "Speed Dating" commercial, it's more a case of false hope and a whole lot of tire smoke.*Recommended driveaway price on at participating Dealers while stocks last.