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SEWELL, JOHN PERCY CLA - Personal letters of King Edward VII : together with extracts from the correspondence of Queen Alexandra, the Duke of Albany and General Sir Arthur and Lady Paget / edited by Lieut.-Col. ) - The dark side of history : magic in the making of man / [by] Michael Edwardes 247933: EDWARDS, B. AMERICAN EDUCATION SOCIETY (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) - The American Quarterly Register: vol. 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Eisenstaedt 101475: EISENSTAEDT, ALFRED - Eisenstaedt, Martha's Vineyard / Text by Polly Burroughs 88833: EISENSTAEDT, ALFRED - People 57935: EISENSTAEDT, ALFRED - Eisenstaedt on Eisenstaedt : a Self-Portrait / Photos and Text by Alfred Eisenstaedt ; Introduction by Peter Adam 100122: EISENSTAEDT, ALFRED - RELATED NAME: VITIELLO, GREGORY - Eisenstaedt--Germany 235572: EISENSTAEDT, ALFRED (1898-1999) - Witness to our time / Foreword by Henry R. Translated and Edited by Alan Ward - [Uniform Title: Historische Neuenglische Laut- Und Formenlehre. WORCESTERSHIRE HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Lay subsidy roll for the county of Worcester, 1 Edward I [sic] / edited for the Worcestershire Historical Society by F. AUMANN, MOSHE - Chronicles, News of the Past - [Volume 2: the Second Temple; Dispersion; Rise of Christianity (From 165 BCE to 969 BCE) ] 75044: ELDAD, ISRAEL. 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Edited by Alexander Eckstein, Walter Galenson, and Ta-Chung Liu 147505: ECKSTEIN, OTTO - Water-Resource Development; the Economics of Project Evaluation 44731: ECKSTEIN, GUSTAV (1890-) - In Peace Japan Breeds War 206027: ECKSTEIN, ALEXANDER - China's economic revolution / Alexander Eckstein 194399: L'ECLUSE DES LOGES, PIERRE-MATHURIN DE (1715/16-1783) - Memoirs of Maximilian de Bethune, Duke of Sully, Prime Minister to Henry the Great. - The Mystery of 'Peter the Painter' : the Story of the Houndsditch Murders, the Siege of Sidney Street and the Hunt for 'Peter the Painter' 141769: EDDY, MARY BAKER (1821-1910) - Miscellaneous Writings, 1883-1896 62118: EDDY, MARY BAKER (1821-1910) - Retrospection and Introspection 56444: EDDY, MARY (BAKER) , MRS (1821-1910) - Seven Messages to the Mother Church 48664: EDDY, MARY (BAKER) , MRS. 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Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh 69113: ELDER, LONNE - Ceremonies in Dark Old Men [By] Lonne Elder, III 69112: ELDER, LONNE - Ceremonies in Dark Old Men [By] Lonne Elder, III 234493: ELDER, ISABEL HILL - Celt, Druid and Culdee 120015: ELDER, LONNE - Ceremonies in Dark Old Men [By] Lonne Elder, III 42169: ELDER, NORMAN (1939-) - This Thing of Darkness : Elder's Amazon Notebooks / Norman Elder ; Foreword by H. (PHILIP JOHN) - The Politics of Foreign Aid in India [By] P.

INSTITUT NATIONAL DE LA STATISTIQUE ET DES ETUDES ECONOMIQUES. 122473: EDBERG, ROLF (1912-1997) - The Dream of Kilimanjaro / Rolf Edberg ; Translated from the Swedish by Keith Bradfield 43129: EDBERG, ROLF - The Dream of Kilimanjaro 127255: EDBURY, P.

DIRECTION DE LA CONJONCTURE ET DES ETUDES ECONOMIQUES - L'Asie Sovietique 243400: THE ECONOMIST - The economist : Weekly commercial times, Bankers' gazette, and Railway monitor : a political, literary and general newspaper. 1730) - A state of the proceedings of the Corporation of the governours of the Bounty of Queen Anne : for the augmentation of the maintenance of the poor clergy, from their first establishment in ...

) - Economics of peace and war : an analysis of Britain's economic problems. ) - Political economy : a Marxist textbook 191499: EATON, REV. H., Thanksgiving Day, Dec 7 1865 191500: EATON, REV. H., Thanksgiving Day, Dec 7 1865 109537: EATON, ANNE THAXTER - Treasure for the Taking, a Book List for Boys and Girls 181888: EATON, JOSEPH W. Ebbutt ; edited and introduced by John Matthews ; with new illustrations by Peter Komarnyckyj. - The Petroleum Industry of the Soviet Union 137345: EBEL, ROBERT E. ) - Child Abuse : Intervention and Treatment / Edited by Nancy B. Hill 194770: EBENER, CHARLOTTE - No facilities for women 186325: EBENER, CHARLOTTE - No facilities for women 119827: EBER, JOSE. Eckardstein 243991: ECKARDT, JULIUS WILHELM ALBERT VON (1836-1908) - Russische Wandlungen : Neue Beitrge zur russischen Geschichte von Nikolaus I. Petersburger Beitrage Zur Neuesten Russischen Geschichte 59455: ECKARDT, A. - Warwickshire County Cricket Club : a history 202700: EDGER, LILIAN - The elements of theosophy 39720: EDGERLY, LOIS STILES - Give Her This Day - a Daybook of Women's Words 80821: EDGERTON, WILLIAM H - How to Renovate Townhouses and Brownstones 166238: EDGEWORTH, MARIA (1767-1849) - The Bracelets : a Tale 232048: EDGEWORTH, MARIA (1768-1849) - Castle Rackrent Roman 71231: EDGEWORTH, RICHARD LOVELL (1744-1817) - Essay on Irish Bulls 201214: EDGEWORTH, MARIA (1767-1849) HAMMOND, CHRIS (ILLUS.) - Castle Rackrent and The Absentee / Maria Edgeworth with an introduction by anne Thackeray Ritchie 235277: EDGEWORTH, MARIA - Die Fabrikanten (The Manufacturers) 232047: EDGEWORTH, MARIA (1767-1849) - Castle Rackrent / Maria Edgeworth ; edited by George Watson 241518: EDGEWORTH, MARIA (1767-1849) - Tales and novels 229919: EDGEWORTH, MARIA (1768-1849) - Castle Rackrent : and, The absentee 189191: EDGHILL, ERNEST ARTHUR (D. CENTRAL ADVISORY COUNCIL FOR EDUCATION (ENGLAND) - 15 to 18 : a report of the Central Advisory Council for Education 243067: MINISTRY OF EDUCATION - 15 to 18: a report of the Central Advisory Council for Education (England): Volume 1. PUBLIC RECORD OFFICE - A Catalogue of Star Chamber Proceedings Relating to Wales / Compiled by Ifan Ab Owen Edwards 149465: EDWARDS-REES, DESIREE MARY MABELLA - A Rural Youth Service : Suggestions for Youth Work in the Countryside 148124: EDWARDS, R. - A Guide to Critical Reviews of United States Fiction, 1870-1910, Compiled by Clayton L. OSTHAUS, CARL WILHELM FERDINAND (1862-) - Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts / von Joseph Freih. (1954-) - Kunst, nijverheid, kunstnijverheid : de nationale nijverheidstentoonstellingen als spiegel van de Nederlandse kunstnijverheid in de negentiende eeuw / Titus M. Eliot collection of the university of Texas at Austin compiled by Alexander Sackton 253530: ELIOT, T.

- A sermon preached in the baptist church, Nashua, N. - A sermon preached in the baptist church, Nashua, N. Antropologia / Facultad De Letras Y Educacion, Universidad Nacional Hermilio Valdizan 200780: GREAT BRITAIN. John : its Criticism and Interpretation 147581: ESSEX RECORD OFFICE. BRYNMOR-JONES, DAVID - The life of David Lloyd George : with a short history of the Welsh people / introduction by the Rt. Eine productive Kritik 233890: EICHBORN, HERMANN LUDWIG (1847-1918) - Girolamo Fantini : ein Virtuos des siebzehnten Jahrhunderts und seine Trompeten-Schule 232101: EICHBORN, HERMANN LUDWIG - Die Dampfung beim Horn; oder, die musikalische Natur des Horns, etc 110302: EICHELBERGER, CLAYTON L. ) - Artist's Proof - Volume XI - the Annual of Prints and Printmaking 70970: EICHENBERG, PROF. ) - Artist's Proof - the Annual of Contemporary Prints, Volume VII 63527: EICHENBERG, EDUARD - What the Birds Did At Hazel's Orchard 233218: EICHENDORFF, JOSEPH FREIHERR VON (1788-1857). : a Biography and Appreciation 245527: ELIASBERG, ALEXANDER (1878-1924) - Jdisches Theater. (1921-) - New Heart, New Spirit : Biblical Humanism for Modern Israel ; Translated by Sharon Neeman 218605: ELIAV, MORDECHAI - David Volfson : ha-ish u-zemano : ha-tenuah ha-tsiyonit ba-shanim 1905-1914 [David Wolffsohn: the man and his times. (1954-) - Modern glas in Nederland : 1880-1940 = Modern glass in the Netherlands : 1880-1940 198356: ELIENS, TITUS M.

(GUSTAV WILHELM) - Der Weg Zum Kapitol : Der Faschismus Als Bewegung / Von Gustav W. Historischer Roman 45948: EBERS, GEORG (1837-1898) - A Word, Only a Word; a Romance, by Georg Ebers; from the German by Mary J. Gilman 176801: ECKARDT, JULIUS WILHELM ALBERT VON (1836-1908) - Russia before and after the war 174727: ECKARDT, A. SYDNEY - Ancient Stained and Painted Glass 65030: EDER, SHIRLEY - Not This Time, Cary Grant! - The Exodus and the Wanderings in the Wilderness 72305: EDEY, MAITLAND ARMSTRONG (1910-) - American Songbirds, by Maitland A. - The Story of a Grain of Wheat 74287: EDGAR, DONALD - Britain's Royal Family in the Twentieth Century : King Edward VII to Queen Elizabeth II 88525: EDGAR, JOHN GEORGE (1834-1864) - Footprints of Famous Men 128526: EDGE, FREDERICK MILNES - President Lincoln's Successor ; England's Danger and Her Safety : a Letter to Earl Russell 211545: EDGE, HENRY T. COMMITTEE ON MEDICAL EDUCATION - Assessment of Sexual Function: a Guide to Interviewing. with Introduction and Notes by Basil Thomson 153010: EDWARDS, R. MORSDORF, KLAUS - Weihe und Kronung des Papstes im Mittelalter 92306: EICHMANN, ADOLF (1906-1962) - Eichmann Interrogated : Transcripts from the Archives of the Israeli Police / Edited by Jochen Von Lang in Collaboration with Claus Sibyll ; Translated from the German by Ralph Manheim ; Introduction by Avner W. Einzeluntersuchungen / Eduard Eichmann - Complete in 2 volumes 141076: EICHNER, LOUIS - La Paix Des Peuples : Ou, Essai D'Une Confederation Internationale 164951: EICHTHAL, EUGENE D' (1844-) - La Formation Des Richesses Et Ses Conditions Sociales Actuelles 17921: EIDELBERG, MARTIN - Designed for Delight : Alternative Aspects of Twentieth-Century Decorative Arts / Edited by Martin Eidelberg 110768: EIDELBERG, MARTIN P. (1923-) - Pioneer Settlement in Northeast Argentina 37024: EIFLER, GUNTER - Ritterliches Tugendsystem 241017: EIGELDINGER, OTTO; MURPHY, LAWRENCE SAUNDERS - Orchids : a complete guide to cultivation 235725: EIGELDINGER, MARC - Posie et tendances 176580: EIGELDINGER, MARC - Julien Green et la tentation de l'irreel 175849: EIGELDINGER, MARC - Paul Valery : essais et temoignages inedits / recueillis par Marc Eigeldinger. (ED.) - Archaeomagnetic dating / edited by Jeffrey L. Sternberg 169659: EIGHTY CLUB, LONDON - La politique de reforme sociale en Angleterre : Conferences donnees a l'Institut / par l''Eighty club.'. 8 205921: LIGUE NATIONALE DE LA REFORME ELECTORALE - Rapport annuel sur la situation de la section Bruxelloise pendant au nom du comite en Assemblee generale du 29 Novembre 1884 205922: NOUVELLE JURIDICTION ELECTORALE - Projet de nouvelle juridiction electorale 112402: ELEGANT, ROBERT S. - The Centre of the World; Communism and the Mind of China 136533: ELEGANT, ROBERT S. - The Centre of the World; Communism and the Mind of China 187505: ELEMBER, CZAKO (ED.) - Egyetemi Nyomda Tortenete 1577-1927 209593: ENSEIGNEMENT DES MATHEMATIQUES ELEMENTAIRES - Mesures poids et monnaies : Francais, Egyptiens et Anglais en usage en Egypte.

Safford 208851: EBERS, GEORG - Eine agyptische Konigstochter : historischer Roman 68881: EBERSOHN, WESSEL - Divide the Night / Wessel Ebersohn 55018: EBERSOLE, BARBARA WARREN (1915-) - Fletcher Martin. Eckardstein 243425: ECKARDSTEIN, HERMANN FREIHERR VON - Lebenserinnerungen u. ROY (ARTHUR ROY) - Elder and younger brothers : the encounter of Jews and Christians / [by] A. - Webster's Secretarial Handbook 195087: ECKERT, GEORG, PROFESSOR AN DER KANT-HOCHSCHULE, BRAUNSCHWEIG (1912-) - Die Revolution von 1848/49 195086: ECKERT, GEORG, PROFESSOR AN DER KANT-HOCHSCHULE, BRAUNSCHWEIG (1912-) - Das junge Deutschland und die Revolutionsdichtung des Vormarz 192700: ECKERT, GEORG - Vom Bismarckreich zur Republik / Georg Eckert 183974: ECKERT, EDUARD EMIL - Eine Fackel gegen Luge und Unverstand 161692: ECKERT, GEORG (ED. 1 135056: EDDY, SHERWOOD (1871-1963) - The New World of Labor 77969: EDDY, SAMUEL (1897-) - Northern Fishes, with Special Reference to the Upper Mississippi Valley [By] Samuel Eddy and Thaddeus Surber 230568: EDDY, DONALD D. (With a portrait and a map) 139979: EDELMAN, MAURICE - The 'Mirror': a Political History 134637: EDELMAN, MAURICE - Herbert Morrison 76373: EDELMAN, MAURICE (1911-? And Other Stories about Hollywood 83838: EDER, SHIRLEY - Not This Time, Cary Grant! - Evolution 101149: EDGELL, BEATRICE - Mental Life; an Introduction to Psychology 211078: EDGELL, G. - Warwickshire County Cricket Club : a history by G. Formulated by the Committee on Medical Education 130425: SCOTTISH COUNCIL FOR RESEARCH IN EDUCATION - Social Implications of the 1947 Scottish Mental Survey / Compiled by James Maxwell and Others 184127: CARNEGIE ENDOWMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL PEACE. 'Pandora' Despatched to Arrest the Mutineers of the 'Bounty' in the South Seas, 1790-91; Being the Narratives of Captain Edward Edwards, R. Less 232543: EICHMANN, EDUARD (1870-1946) - Die Kaiserkronung im Abendland : ein Beitrag zur Geistesgeschichte des Mittelalters, mit besonderer Berucksichtigung des kirchlichen Rechte, der Liturgie und der Kirchenpolitik. Textes inedits de Paul Valery 236253: EIGELDINGER, MARC - Paul Valery : essais et temoignages inedits, recueillis par Marc Eigeldinger 181891: EIGEMAN, J. - Het socialisme van Troelstra, een in Zichzelf verdeelde beweging : beschouwingen over het beginsel eener nieuwe politieke partij-organisatie / J. 230343: EIGNER, SAEB - Art of the Middle East : modern and contemporary art of the Arab world and Iran / Saeb Eigner ; foreword by Zaha Hadid ; with the assistance of Isabelle Causs and Christopher Masters 41470: EIJKMAN, P. - Beweginsfotografie Met Rontgenstralen 70896: EIKELAND, SIGMUND - Nar Tiedemenn Forteller, Fra Hundre Ar 1 Tobakkindustrien 81099: EILAND, MURRAY L. - The Centre of the World; Communism and the Mind of China 33001: ELEGANT, ROBERT S. Nombreuses applications / par une reunion de Professeurs 39682: LN, HALOTTAK - Ady - Halottak ln 135184: ECOLE LIBRE DES SCIENCES POLITIQUES (FRANCE). ELFQUEST - Elfquest: Second great Issue: Fire-Eye 240324: ELGAR, FRANK. SCARFE, FRANCIS (1911-1986) - Picasso / a study of his work by Frank Elgar; biographical study by Robert Maillard; [translated from the French by Francis Scarfe] 164004: ELGART, JACK (1907-) (ED.

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