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23-Sep-2020 10:19

I basically sat her down when I was 13 [years old], and I told her that this was what I wanted to do for a living.

I went to acting school at 13, and I started working at 15 and never stopped.” “I was working so many hours during the week, and then I was touring on the weekends.

I want my role to shine through, so I think that I do like to share about causes and using my voice on social media, and then I like to share about something that keeps me sane, like working out.

You know, I feel like I get such a good response because people feel motivated.

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I’m always in constant awe of the discovery of what your own body can do, so I’m very self-aware in my skin, and I listen to my body.

I feel anxiety, so that has helped me a lot to sort of manage it.” “I don’t want my persona to be bigger than my role.

“Out of something terrible, something good always comes, and life has its reasons for happening [the way it does].We would be behind the camera reading for each other because we got to the point that we had to be looking away in order not to be laughing.David Lynch was like, ‘Guys, we have to finish this scene,’ and we just couldn’t—we had to finish it the next day.” “I go to therapy, which I am so open about because even though I didn’t do well [with therapy] when I was younger, I continued to find the right type of therapy for myself.I remember I would get asked to fake an accent, and that was sort of the most… Especially when it’s completely unrelated to the story plot.

It still happens to this day, and I feel like you have to stand your ground and be like, at the time.

I have this incredible guy that I’ve worked with for a while, who does my blood work and teaches me how to feed myself and be more balanced.

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