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25-Oct-2019 12:21

To add to the success of meeting women, you get to talk to them one-on-one and the first things you learn are how to say your name, where you live, if you are married/have a partner etc.

Also, single women are more likely to travel so are more likely to be learning a language.

Tricky Dick Pratt has moved onto his second billion recycling all the newsprint that's been expended on metropolitan Australia's so-called "man drought".

You can't crack open a Cleo or finger a Marie Claire without reading some poor darling's despondent account of how speed-dating, and set-ups by married friends have amounted to nothing but slimy midnight texts from oversexed losers. On the weekend, as I paraded around a certain city beach wearing a silly orange hat re-doing my bronze medallion, it struck me that if a gal truly wanted to meet a healthy, community-minded fella who enjoys the great outdoors she need only join her local surf club.

My class often went to Spanish bars or films together so there is plenty of time for mingling. I know men don't like that environment, but women hit the shops by themselves as a form of relaxation or when they're feeling a bit bored or lonely.

And if nothing else, you can order tapas with classy pronunciation. I can't count the number of times I've been out and about at the shops by myself, sort of wishing that I might meet someone while I was out.

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'" Involvement with a surf club quickly answers that question - and what more, aside from getting you active and improving your fitness, the first time you haul a spluttering Irish backpacker out of a rip or give first aid to a kid with a blue bottle sting, you realise you're doing something very worthwhile.Concentrating on building balance,giving our lives meaning & wholeness *ourselves*, focusing on healthy wellbeing and genuine excitement about what we are doing, is a much healthier self supportive way to attract a love interest into our lives. This rule applies to all mixed sporting clubs...although most probably don't have such an advantageous ratio of Guys to Girls as the Surf Club scene... Why oh why didn't someone tell me all the hot women played tennis years ago?? Korfball Kinda like Netball but without the annoying rules... In Australia it's only properly played in Adelaide and Melbourne but it's mixed, good fitness and unlike tennis you HAVE to interact with the other gender!! I've been involved since 17 (now 29) and I have a solid group of mates (aged 25 to 32) all still involved either competing, on comittee's or patroling.Clubs now days are so well set up to attract new members and get them qualified it's worth a shot. It's likely you'll end up meeting some nice, like minded nerds (that or creepy mouth breathing stalkers).It's more the relationship they have with their body - they use it, they enjoy it and they're having fun in the process.

- Sam How about joining an SLSC because you like the surf, like saving lives, and like the fact the SLSC is no more than a social place to do both?This is just as pertinent to females, except surf clubs have the added bonus of being chock-a-block full of snake-torsoed young blokes (if I could think of a club where 80 percent of the members were female and got around in swimsuits, joining up would be a no-brainer.) Of course, this is also one of the big obstacles to women joining surf clubs - you do have to get your gear off, which can be confronting if your greatest physical activity is walking to the bar to get your ice bucket and white wine.

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