Dating transformers

15-Aug-2020 23:08

When Cade finds out that the money is going, he sets with Lucas "his friend" to find junk that he can strip down and make money for the house and mainly for Tessa's college.

Cade has one rule for them both, they can't be dating, but later finds out that Tessa has broken that rule and is dating Shane Dyson.

He is spotted by one of the men and tries to escape, but is captured.

Then he was taken to the main room where the leader of the KSI army force 'black ops' tells him "Where is Optimus Prime", Cade is then saved by Bumblebee and Drift, and is taken away from KSI.

KSI then release Galvatron and Stinger to capture Prime, after a huge battle with Galvatron and Optimus, Lockdown then severely damages Optimus, capturing him, and Tessa by mistake. He then goes with Hound and the other Autobots and storms Lockdown's ship, the Knights Temenos, frees Tessa, and gets a Decepticon gun in the process.

He says that KSI is making new robots from the Autobots, and hears that Prime is going to kill whoever is behind this. Cade goes to look around and find a couple melting Ratchet's head.After hearing that all of this has ruined Tessa's life, and that Shane is 20 and dating a 17 year old Tessa.