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09-Jun-2020 11:36

If you wouldn't mind assisting me with the dating of the firearm, I would sincerely appreciate it. With a low, 4 digit number, your gun is very early. Does your gun actually have the Model 39 designation roll stamped on the gun?The serial is 1478, and I am only at this time looking for a round about sort of value, not a defined price. Either way, I will send an email to S&W Historian, Mr. This could be a very interesting gun and it may have considerable collector interest - which will have an impact on the value.However, at the outset the one thing I can say categorically is that your pistol was made in April, 1955. Anyway, how about posting some photos of your Model 39 along with the serial number? As for JP, information received from Smith and Wesson stated that the model 39 was manufactured between 19. Hello The person from S&W that you talked to gave you correct, but misleading information.Then I can give you the actual year the gun shipped and try to estimate the value. Here’s the full story: In 1946, newly elected company president Carl Hellstrom decided that S&W should get into the production of semiautomatic pistols. In 1954, 10 production type pistols were completed in December, with an alloy frame.All those sold through normal distribution channels had much higher numbers than your #39. It went to a distributor who did lots of engraving and that may be where your gun received its decorations.I strongly suspect, from what you've said, that your example was a special issue gun and it received an out-of-sequence serial number. If done at the factory, I highly suspect the plating is nickel. I would strongly urge you to purchase a factory authentication letter for this gun.It will cost you and will take 1-2 months to obtain. You have a great, old pistol there - one that is extremely collectible.

Regards, JP I have the serial no 39 all steel...from the Walnut of the desk of Carl Hellstrom ...according to Jinks.

In 1957, the gun was officially christened the Model 39 and roll stamped accordingly.