Dating someone with different politics Korean older woman flirty sex

02-Nov-2020 23:40

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We won't be having kids so it's a topic that doesn't need to be discussed.

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Political differences have shown themselves to sew division between close friends, family members, and so romantic relationships will be no exception. Friends of mine who are eager to get married and are dating seriously, suddenly need to worry about a whole new aspect of dating: politics.

I want to be happy with the girl I'm with, not be lectured on why I'm wrong and/or a bad person.

I'm perfectly fine disagreeing politically but there is a limit. While you can argue political beliefs don't matter it does say something about you're worldview.

This is currently a bit of an issue with my current girlfriend.

She is a feminist, albeit in a country with an actual patriarchy so that I can understand, however we clash if feminism in the west ever comes up.Once you can show that you can empathize with where he has gathered his ideals, you may find it easier to engage in some political discourse as long as you also give him a chance to empathize with your beliefs by also sharing how you've come to believe what you believe.