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21-Jun-2020 15:22

I haven't dated much until I was 24, but since I have started trying I have not gotten a 3rd date with any girl.

I am wondering if this is due to my missing ear and girls are just too kind to say it is an issue straight up, or perhaps they think they can ignore it but the 2nd date comes around and they decide it is too much of an issue.

So the self-consciousness that I occasionally feel is in my head. I don't want the inconvenience of braces, or some expensive dental operation. And that is something that I know that people will notice the second I open my mouth to talk to them. You're right, most women (if they're decent) aren't going to flat-out say it's because of your ear, just like most won't say that they can't stand the gap in my teeth.

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I think you aren't getting past so many dates because the women know the expectation for sex starts and they don't want to hoe if you're not "the one." Nothing to do with the ear.Just know that no matter, some women aren't going to be attracted to you, period.