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26-Jul-2020 04:30

It is important to understand the difference between is equivalent to child sexual abuse whereas having a self-defined sexual identity is a human right set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights., Afghanistan is yet to provide stringent penalties and govern bacha-bazi activities (although the president has vowed to criminalise the practice), however it has denied rights to those who choose a life of freedom. The government capture gays and will imprison them for 10-18 years.I also spoke to 28-year-old Khyber (a pseudonym used for his protection) who is currently on the run in Mazar-e-Sharif. It is clear for Afghans that it’s a big crime here. There are [many] human rights organisations working with the government in Afghanistan and none of them can prevent punishment for gay men.” “As a gay man, it is dangerous thing to go on a date in Afghanistan.Many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) of all ages and in all regions of Afghanistan are exposed to serious risks becoming victims of honour-killings, forced marriages and physical violence from their immediate and extended family members, tribal and community leaders and groups.Similarly, they also run the risk and exposure to sexual abuse and trafficking.The Director of the organization, who has asked to keep their identity private, stated that: “Killing of homosexuals is common in Afghanistan and is increasing day by day”, he further stated that he has heard of cases from reliable sources that “men are being lured into dating and are being killed”.However, you never hear about it because it is highly taboo.

The past two years has shown intensity in the conflict in Afghanistan especially in Kabul.Denigrating sexual identities is part of a political game to make a statement and express your loyalty to Islam and the Quran, resulting in bigger kinship and influence over key decisions in the capital city.This results to an imminent threat and violence from the police and government officials that hang over gay men like a dark cloud in Kabul.Gay men are seen as an easy target for exploitation by police and military forces and to make political statements [within the kinship setting]”.

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He further added, “There is no protection from the legal justice system and they are also the ones who misuse the system.In a country that punishes the prudent while protects the profligate, “homosexual relationships are scrutinised in private.