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27-Apr-2020 21:14

But I want to make it very clear that the Church of the Great God does not teach that dating outside the church is wise. We teach that baptized members should not date outside the church, and that baptized parents should not allow their minor children to date outside the church.We do not teach that it is a good thing that our young people and older single people should date outside the church. Once children reach their maturity and still are not baptized, we then hope that they will decide not to date in the world because it is a trap that rarely produces good results.Dating outside the church, and marrying outside the church, only makes that process the harder.If you want to be one of God's children in His Kingdom, you do not want to make it any harder on yourself.They thought what I said gave them "permission" to date and marry outside the church.I want to state very clearly that this is something that I do not recommend in the least.

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We have to remember that we are talking about the Corinthians here.As in the physical plane, yoking together unlike creatures destroys harmony and productivity.Two can't walk together unless they have the same beliefs and goals.What I said was indeed misunderstood, because dating and marrying outside the church is a massive stumbling block and can only bring trouble in future years.

I want to go back and re-quote what I said during the Feast so you can understand the background of all this.

He wanted the same kind of affection and respect and honor and openness that a child would give to his father.