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06-Jan-2020 18:32

It’s true, sugarcoating a problem helps ease the pain now and then, but almost every time, a guy would prefer a bullet in the head instead of five in the chest. But they always want a high maintenance girl when they’re walking down a street!A bad girl says what’s on her mind, and unless he’s feeling guilty and miserable already or if it’s a sensitive issue, a guy would appreciate that trait in his girlfriend. High maintenance girls are always awed and admired by guys, even if they can’t be afforded.She’s determined and motivated, and doesn’t let anything get in the way of achieving her goal or dream. A good girl will hold a guy’s hand and tell them that everything is going to be alright even if it was him that screwed up in the first place.

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[Read: 12 ways guys stereotype girls based on the way they behave around guys] Sometimes, it’s never bad to be a bad girl, especially if you know what works for you.Appearances do matter, even if you’ve been in love for ages.