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Following the success of these vintage Knoll chairs, Saarinen began theorizing about a dining set that would “clear up the slum of legs in the U. He followed those by a series of ¼ size models, which he staged in dollhouses to tee-up proportions.Finally, he moved onto full-scale models sculpted from clay.In 1946, he was contracted by Knoll and designed his first Knoll furniture piece—the Grasshopper Chair. A pedestal was simple in theory, but one that would prove downright tricky to execute.Other vintage Knoll furniture followed, including the ultimate curl-up-and-stay awhile chair, the Womb Chair. To design what would ultimately become the tulip table, Saarinen first penned drawings.It has 6 chairs (one with arms and the other five w/ none). (1) One tag says it was made by the Empire Chair Co. It also mentions Barnhardt Manufacturing Company on this same tag.(2) The other tag says Department of Labor and Industry Harrisburg PA Registry No.Composed of a circular slab set atop a fluted base, the tulip table exhibits—like so many vintage Knoll furniture pieces—unassailable finesse.The tulip table is actually so effortless-looking that it’s difficult to believe that its design was a four-year labor of love.

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The table has two leaf extensions on each end of the table (as shown in photo), but they tuck back in under it very easily.Saarinen wanted to construct his table and chairs of fiberglass, but structurally, the medium wasn’t sturdy enough.Ultimately, he settled on a base made of cast aluminum with a Rislan coating and a customizable tabletop (customers' options were marble, wood veneer, or laminate).If you’re using your vintage Knoll table to seat four or more, stick with the armless Thonet chairs, but for a true bistro table where you only need to seat two, consider Thonet’s armed café chair.

Modern Windsor Chairs Tulip tables are curvilinear masterpieces, which makes a straight-backed Windsor chair seem like a jesting choice, but like they say, opposites attract.

While there’s a definite generation gap, both Louis XVI chairs and tulip tables have an underlying femininity which makes them a match.