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10-Oct-2020 20:41

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One thing I liked about this story was the slow build, the big reveal, and everything that came after. Even though it was clear from the beginning what the other wanted, it wasn't until all truths were laid on the table, that things got real. You don't have to read it before, but their presence certainly made me smile!In fact, I personally feel like some of the most important parts of the book can be found in everything that came after. It's not often a story makes me feel like I've been punched in the gut and had all the air knocked out of me, but Elijah's Hope did. However, I really have to acknowledge how I was expecting something light and fluffy, but got something that had the perfect mix of lightness and gravitas.Stephanie Doyle once again gives us extremely engaging and personable characters in Eli and Shelby.Meeting because Eli and his oil crew decide they need a bit of female companionship in their small, remote town of Hope's Point, from the minute the southern-born Shelby gets off the plane in her weather inappropriate clothing, Eli just knew this woman would be a challenge. Shelby's chatterbox ways put up against the more reserved Eli was fun to watch.What happens when a group of men work in the wilds of Alaska on an oil rig with barely any female contact?Well, they decide to create a contest on Facebook to entice women to visit them for a 2-week vacation and maybe some love.A bit like oil and water, they are more alike then Eli realizes.I just knew whatever Shelby was hiding might sabotage their 2 weeks together but I was truly dying to know just what she did in her recent life that would send Eli running.

I also wasn't quite sold on the premise - they were flying these women up there for "dates", but not expecting anything permanent to happen? It definitely picked up in the second half, and I was invested in them, hoping they would make it.In fact, I personally feel like some of the most important parts of the book can be found in everything that came after. Watching him woo Shel I have to hand it to Stephanie Doyle. I went into it blind and was really pleased with how it turned out.

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Just keep the compliments to him few and far between so he doesn’t go developing confidence any time soon. When you add up all the time he is going to be in the gym every day (at least two (2) hours), plus time spent food prepping, eating all that prepped food and if you’re lucky he might also like to hit the sauna after a workout (which is another blissful hour of freedom you get while he is sweltering away with a whole lot of hairy elderly gentleman who aren’t afraid to let it all hang out) that all adds up to a whoooollleee lot of time to do whatever you dang want.… continue reading »

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