Dating a recovering alcoholic women

20-Oct-2019 08:42

If you’re dating someone who is also in recovery you don’t have to explain your sobriety or your commitment to your recovery program, and that can be very refreshing.

If you’re not in recovery yourself, but are dating an alcoholic, it’s important that you be willing to put in some work.

People drink for a variety of reasons — to escape their pain, to be more outgoing, to relax — and top among them is to connect with other people more easily.

Yet, the connection that comes when you’re both sporting a buzz isn’t the real deal.

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Educating yourself about addiction and recovery, and learning the dos and don’ts of dating someone with substance use disorder can help set your relationship up for success.

With drinking so prevalent in dating culture, people who are in recovery often have to proclaim their sobriety early on.

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However, when that’s no longer an option you realize that it’s totally normal — and endearing — to be nervous for a date. After all, having nerves shows that you care, and what could be sexier than that? You’ve met this perfect person who just gets you and with whom you have fun and can even see a future. That is, until they tell you they’re sober – and not just sober but .You don’t know what it’s like to be so in love with but equally in hate with alcohol.The spark that’s shared when you’re sober, however, is legit. Rather than hunker down with someone new, why not get out and explore together.

Stroll through the local farmers market, see a play or visit a museum.

Another way to describe what you are going through is that you quit drinking because you don’t like alcohol’s effects.