Dating a geek guy battlefield 2 stats not updating 2016

10-Jul-2020 20:20

Although many of these are generalizations, I’ve found 50 reasons why geeks have a lot to offer the dating world.Tech Dating a geek means opening up a whole world of awesome technological abilities.See the way geeks adore their superhero action figures, and how much time they can spent building their collection, reading about their programming language or rewatching their favorite fantasy movies?They are a passionate bunch who would give all their time and effort to the thing that has captured their hearts. How else can they spent months leveling-up their RPG characters, knowing every detail of their backstory or plotting the best way to take down the final boss? If that isn’t character-building, I’m not sure what is. It could be because geeks are making significant impact in a world that is becoming increasingly reliant on information technology.

Years of judgments, intimidation and exclusion by their peers for been different have turned the geeks into either angry adults or sensitive beings. These geeks are more sensitive than your average Joe because they know what it’s like to have a hard day.While back in the 80’s, we won’t want to be labeled as a geek – since it was used interchangeably with "nerd", which is still not very desirable in today’s standards – most Web users won’t mind the term now.

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