Carbon dating and turin shroud

05-Mar-2020 20:39

So she went to textile experts in New York and they agreed with her theory, saying that it was a French inweaving or reweaving.She then goes back to the original carbon dating moment in Turin.

Also, under a microscope, it is apparent that the cotton was died to match the color of the linen.

If the linen is the photographic plate, it can’t be wrapping him tight. The effect of the tightly wrapped Shroud should be a cylindrical distortion of the image, but there is no cylindrical distortion of the image in the Shroud.

The image only appears clearly when the Shroud is flat.

Her husband, Joe Marrino, had been a Shroud fan since 1977. So for one to two years, she collected copies of photographs of the piece of cloth that the carbon dating was done on. What she noticed in 2001 (that was published in 2008) was that the cotton threads of the piece of cloth that the carbon dating was done on had differences from one side to the other.

What was on the right side was different than what was on the left.

The only way, in our knowledge of science and physics today, that the Shroud image was made. When we set off atomic bombs, there is dematerialization. All the matter in the body turned into energy and went somewhere.