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I hoped The Rules, however flawed, would offer a scaffold upon which to build a romance. 7, "Never Accept a Date for a Saturday Night if He Asks After Wednesday," was the first test. "), I groomed myself to buffed, plucked perfection. 4: "Don't Meet Him Halfway) was in work pants and a stained T-shirt. I sat on a milk crate on the dusty floor as he spent the evening whacking a sledgehammer against solid pavement.

Brian called on Friday to ask me out for the next day, which I declined, and so I spent an irritable, lonely Saturday night eating Thai takeout and watching a Blockbuster movie. We went to an improv comedy show, the Upright Citizens Brigade. I petted his dog in the dark house and listened to him smash and grunt.

The Rules was roundly denounced by feminists — "I asked my boyfriend out! I fetishized traditional marriage, and I was sure other women knew something about men I didn't know. 5: Don't Call Him, and Rarely Return His Calls"), and when he did I offered no input about what I wanted to do on our date ("He picks most of the movies, the restaurants and concerts the two of you go to"). "Every single day for 13 years." "But — you're only 30," I said.

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In 2014, Ellen Lamont, a sociologist now at Appalachian State University, published two studies of heterosexual dating rituals among young men and women living in the Bay Area.

(It dimly occurred to me that I had deliberately deprived myself of a potentially fun evening in favor of solitary moping, but I pushed that thought aside.) The Rules, if followed correctly, sometimes meant you spent a Saturday night alone, losing the battle to win the war, so to speak. "I need a word from the audience," said one of the comics. I debated going out to talk to him, but decided against it. 3: "Most men find chatty women annoying.") After an hour, I pulled down the tiny arm of my first cellphone and called my mother. 6, "Always End Phone Calls First") and listened to my beau weep in the backyard. (Evan Kafka/Getty Images) Just as we walked in the door, he said, "I don't do latex." We stood in silence for a moment.

Your full social calendar — even if it was a pack of lies — inflated your value in a potential mate's eyes. No slouch at fixing up houses herself, she said, "He's banging at a concrete pad with a sledgehammer? "Just banging the concrete and crying." "I think you should go home," she said. This is incredible to me now, but I didn't take a cab home. Despite his behavior, he felt familiar to me in a way that New York men didn't. "You know," I said in the lighthearted voice all women use when they've decided to flee but don't want to tip their hand.

"Do you understand that if you leave now, it's over?

" he shouted, as he followed me out of the lobby and onto the sidewalk to the waiting car.But in a patriarchy, it's rational to divine the needs of the powerful, to meet them, and to be chosen to share their position in the world.

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