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But after 10 years of their married life, their divorce surprised everyone.

– He was on Infinite Challenges “My ugly friends festival” but not because he is ugly, but because it was an Infinite Challenge and got teased a lot afterwards that he is ugly. He states that he is not handsome but his unique features make him attractive (King of Masked Singer) – Bobby says his charms are his eyes, teeth, and strength.

He was unsuccessful in persuading Commodore's then-Chairman Irving Gould to sell control of the company.

Kotick also served as a founder of International Consumer Technologies and was President from 1986 to January 1995.

Ex Marital Life: His first married life with Debra Ponzek was survived for a brief time period of two years.

“Free Spirited members” House : Bobby, Jay, DK & Ju-ne – He and BLACKPINK’s Lisa are the main faces and models of NONA9ON.

Kotick also urged the British government to reward Activision for continuing to invest in the country's pool of game developers by providing Activision with the same kinds of tax incentives provided by Canada, Singapore and eastern bloc countries.

Kotick has launched an Independent Games Competition with 0,000 in total available prize money for small developers working with new platforms and has stated that "keeping passion in game development is something that's important to him." In November 2016, Activision Blizzard inked a deal with Kotick where he might receive bonuses if certain financial benchmarks were met concerning M&A.

– He and Donghyuk have a Tom and Jerry relationship. (i KONTV) – Bobby tends to leave his clothes all over the floor and the members go in and steal them.

– He likes singing more than rapping because it touches peoples heart more (King of Masked Singer) – He’s always embarrassed by the other members during variety shows.

(Profile wrote by the members) – The members described him as a “light bulb” because he lights up their mood and is warm to them.