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That means that Beth Holloway was on her way to Aruba before her daughter was declared missing. Once she was already in Aruba, Beth didn't go directly to the police.Instead, she went to the Van der Sloot's family home.For them, Joran van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers were guilty and any other line of investigation was garbage.When the Aruban Police arrested two security guards Beth Holloway went totally nuts, demanding that they would be released and to continue investigating the Van der Sloot's and the Kalpoe's.Because they didn't want problems with the Americans, the Dutch put pressure on the Aruban government to not upset the Americans.

When her mother Beth Holloway(back the Beth Twitty) hears that she is missing immediately she arranges for a private jet and with seven friends and family members goes to Aruba. Beth Holloway claims that she arrived at Aruba at pm, but airport records show that actually she arrived at . It turns out that the day before Natalee called her mother and told her that she had no intention to go back to the US.Later it turned out that she didn't graduate with honors, she didn't get any scholarship, she was sexually active, she smoked, she drunk, she used drugs, and that it wasn't the first time that she escaped from her home. But why did the Aruban law enforcement let themselves being commanded by a foreign institution on their own territory?After the Aruban police uncovered this lie; they found it necessary to investigate the family more thoroughly. At that point; the investigation wasn't about Natalee anymore, it was about not endangering the Aruban economy and about the relation of The Netherlands with the United States. Trapped between the imperial might of the US on the one side, the imperial might of their colonial masters on the other side, and the pressure of their own government above them.Some went even further, and they think that Natalee Holloway was murdered by American intelligence services to have an excuse to station American and Dutch security services and military on the island to use it as a base to attack Venezuela. And the second reason is that if the Americans want to attack Venezuela they can do that easily from Colombia, where they have a strong presence, as the Chavist government always has feared. In 1999 Jossy Mansur and his brother Luis Mansur sued the Netherlands government before the United Nations Human Rights Committee for disseminating what the Aruban government termed a top secret report that claimed that the Mansurs were involved in organized crime.

The enmity between the Bush administration and the government of Hugo Chavez is good known. But why were the Americans so opposed to the fact that the Aruban Law Enforcement would investigate the Holloway-Twitty family? It turns out that Jug Twitty is a money launderer for the international mafia and is also an arms dealer for the US government. The report by the Dutch Internal Security Service draws a picture of security in Aruba and mentions that foreign services fighting crime in the region are almost unanimous in their opinion that the predominant image of the Aruban business community is one of joint services towards (laundering specialists of) regional drug cartels.

It is said by the Aruban police that there were even calls being made from The White House to the office of the Aruban Prime Minister.